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Do you often become bored with reality? Are you tired of the same show/movie just on a different channel? If yes, my goal is to get you to put down the remote and come indulge in the unexpected! Each book is meant to take you on a wild ride and each design is meant to make you stand out. With reading slowly going out of style, in a sense, I'm bringing geeky back!

Behind the Books

A little about myself, I actually became very passionate about writing when I was a young girl. Growing up as an only child was interesting to say the least. Not only did it give me a sense of wonder, but it also boosted my creative side. My journey started out writing poetry, then it led to quite a few unfinished books (lol). With nothing but time, thanks to 2020, I finally had the opportunity to fall back in love with writing! What started as an author page has grown into so so many different ideas. From books, to products, to blog posts, I hope you all truly enjoy my little geekdom!  


Bookish AF is about more than products. It is about the experience. This site was made for my fellow geeks and nerds that want to have a lane of their own. Bookish AF is not only a brand, but a family in the making.  So please, enjoy each others company and Who Knows, maybe make new geeky friends. 

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